Designed To Be Touched
Unlike other lighting apps available, LightLogic is designed specifically for use on touch screen devices. This means we can take the full advantage of the resources available and make your job quicker and easier than ever before.
Work Faster, Work Together
LightLogic is really the first lighting control solution to allow for teamwork. Multiple devices can be connected to the same central server, allowing for multiple tasks to be executed simultaneously. Rig and focus your lights almost effortlessly with complete remote control of the desk.

The teamwork features also make LightLogic great for use in education, with every child being able to get hands-on with lighting control.
Ultimate, Effortless Control
Because LightLogic runs on touch screen devices, it is not limited by physical controls. Specific controls are available for every task - be it a XY-Grid for position or a slider for intensity.
Clutter Free Runs
The cue system built into LightLogic allows you to construct and playback states, animations and visual cues with ease. Cues can also contain related notes that allow you to easily remember timings and other related information.

Stage Play, available only on iPad, allows you to get rid of all the clutter when running a show and cut down to the bare minimum required. This simplified interface allows access to all of the cues as well as controlling a specific set of channels.
Keep In Touch
LightLogic has a built in, text-based, chat system that enables you to quickly contact every member on the team. Use it to discuss changes, alert others to issues or simply to have a natter.
Wow, but does it only control lights?
Nope, LightLogic has the ability to control projections as well. Simply grab the companion app VisualLogic, connect it to a LightLogic server and use the control features built into the app.
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